Winning words and engaging social media – are you knocking out the competition?

You know your business’ tone and messaging needs to be consistent, but it’s hard to achieve this and still make it interesting. You want to get the maximum value out of your communications, so the PR and publicity drives your social media, blogs and newsletters.

This is how PR should and does work, when done effectively!

Our team ensures that your social media, website content, blogs, newsletters, adverts and award submissions are on tone and communication is consistent and coordinated.

Whether it’s managing your Instagram channel or sharing news with your customers via Facebook, we can write engaging copy and monitor your different social media channels from one platform. This maximises coordination and impact and helps to drive traffic to your website.

We can also follow key players within your industry and encourage organic growth on social media channels. We can manage and create short videos for Facebook campaigns, as well as writing and designing adverts.