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Creative and Strategic

Cathy has provided ongoing freelance comms to TNT consulting to support one of our healthcare clients, since April this year. She is a self starter, who is both creative and strategic. With minimal input from us, she created a comprehensive campaign strategy and comms plan to support an awareness campaign. She found and liaised with various third parties to bring them on board and strengthen the campaign. She was involved in all aspects of the media planning, including asset creation, case study development and finally the pitching of the story to national journalists. She met all expectations and delivered an outstanding national media campaign. We have found Cathy has a natural ability to quickly build trust with whoever she is in contact with, and in particular she shows great empathy and care when working with people who have little experience with the media or who are suffering from a long term illness. She is able to find work arounds when faced with challenges and she can also work to sometimes ridiculously tight deadlines. Linda Todd, Principal Consultant TNT Consulting

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness,

I have had the great pleasure to work directly with Cathy, and can highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a reliable, hardworking PR expert who gets results. She has got great media exposure and developed a strong framework to share these success stories with our investors, customers and other third parties. Cathy has a great knowledge of health tech and lifestyle markets and adapts quickly to learning the ins and outs of each company she works with. Her background in journalism means she understands how journalists tick and knows exactly what they are looking for in a story. Highly recommend her services and very happy to have Cathy as a part of our team.  Marnie Faundez, NuroKor Bioelectronics

  "This was OjO's first ever PR campaign and Cathy was an extremely reliable and invested partner in our success. Ultimately, we successfully funded our crowdfunding campaign and we believe that getting PR coverage early on in the campaign was a key driver of the success of the campaign. Gaining features in relevant and well-regarded publications helps to build trust in our business and therefore encourage new customers to try our products. " Freja Smith, Marketing Manager, Learn With OjO  

“When we wanted to publicise the launch of our new company, Cathy was my first choice as she’d previously been my global PR manager, was extremely capable and good to work with. Thanks to her experience and skills, we gained some fantastic national coverage within our target industry and were offered a valuable speaking opportunity at a prestigious event. Cathy became a ‘trusted confidante’ to our business.” Tim Richards, CEO, Future Resume  

“Working with Cathy on various communication projects within West Sussex County Council was an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge, professionalism and skills allowed us to create positive key messages and quality items for publication and printed resources. I would recommend her to anyone needing a consummate professional to deliver both strategic and operational projects, effectively communicating with different stakeholder groups throughout.” Sarah Dimmock, West Sussex County Council  

"I have found Catherine Kelly’s PR service invaluable. I needed someone to help me review and reshape my website to better reflect existing and new areas of business, and to draw those browsing for the services my company offers to the new site. Catherine quickly understood my business requirements; produced a plan to meet them including an agreed price and delivered a high quality product, to budget and within the agreed timeframe. Throughout the process Catherine was great to work with; and I would definitely recommend her work to others looking for a professional, high quality, PR service." Nikki Gibbins, Director, Achieving Together (West Sussex)

Why me?

I work in partnership with my clients, using PR to raise their credibility and profile, including health organisations, small businesses and start-ups to those running national campaigns. I take away the stress and the work, but you remain in control.

Since setting up my boutique agency in 2015, I have worked with several leading public and private sector organisations, managing highly-successful campaigns in the healthtech, healthcare, social care and sustainable technology sectors.

I work with companies and organisations telling their stories and helping them to overcome their communication challenges.

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I'm proud to work with startups and organisations who are addressing some of our biggest challenges, disrupting the status quo in a bid to improve the way we live. Most recently, I've been part of the communications team at Genomics England as it works with the NHS to enable the introduction of healthtech into routine care, on the Government's regional Think Family project and led the PR for the world's only independent hydrogen car maker.

I provide a tailored service to just a handful of clients at a time, ensuring you have the benefit of my 20+ years' experience in the industry.

If good communication is key to your organisation’s success, take action now and drop me a message.

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