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How To Get Media Attention

Let me help you to solve your communication and Public Relations issue.

I love helping organisations with their communication challenges from coordinating campaigns to writing specialist leaflets in conjunction with stakeholders. I’ve seen how effective, consistent communication can turn negative PR around.

I’ve got more than 20 years’ experience of working within the industry, first working as a journalist, and then as a London PR consultant specialising in crisis management and PR for hospitals and health trusts. I have written for and dealt with many media, setting up filming and various media interviews – most recently BBC’s The One Show. I have worked with international and national publications and media outlets including CNBC, The Times, The Telegraph, The Engineer and Business Insider.

How to Write A Good Press Release


In this video I  share how to write a press release using my proven press release template. From what makes an attention grabbing headline to the information to include and how to follow-up with journalist calls. I have worked in the healthcare, recruitment, sustainable technology, homecare and lifestyle sectors.

Use The Media To Build Your Credibility

Do you want to raise your profile as an expert?  Does your competition appear in the publications you should be in?  Do you want to speak at relevant industry events?

If any or all of the above relate to you then you’re in the right place. This video will help to get you the coverage you want. Keep watching because I’ll run through some of the golden rules and you can also find a winning template on my Homepage so that you can start putting these tips into practise.

Crisis Communication Secrets

Do you want to prepare your organisation so that you are in the best possible position should a crisis occur? I’ve dealt with crisis communications both in healthcare for a London organisation and for the NHS in the South East and it’s all in the prep! I run through five key tips to get prepared. I also talk practically about how best to look after your team in a crisis situation.

Media Interview Techniques

Are you nervous about speaking to the media and going off-script?

If you’re the nominated spokesperson who needs to give interviews, such as a company founder, communications director or specialist director then by following some simple steps and getting prepared you’ll feel one step ahead and less nervous. This video will help to guide you and give you some top tips on conquering your fears and helping to control the messages

Get Media Coverage Without The Connections

Do you want to share your news but don’t have media contacts? Do you think you must have good contacts to get good PR?

Are you unsure how to build good contacts? If any or all of the above relate to you then this video will help to guide you and give you some top tips on getting you the coverage you want.