Future Resume Recruitment Tool

I’ve worked extensively in the recruitment software industry as a public relations and communications manager for a leading global software producer. As part of my role, I’ve led and implemented a six figure global rebranding project and managed the strategic and operational PR function.

Recently, I coordinated the public relations and communications around the launch of innovative recruitment industry start-up – Future Resume. It is poised to change the way that hiring managers and recruitment consultants find their ideal candidates and job seekers find their dream role and company.

I devised, wrote and issued the launch Press Release which you can read here  and personally pitched it to media. This led to coverage across the recruitment industry media (UK and US), including from bloggers, and led to an opportunity for a live interview at a prestigious industry event.  The client was so pleased with the outcome that subsequent work is already being planned.

I provide a tailored, effective service to just a handful of clients at a time. Email or call me on 07704 130226 to arrange a time to discuss how you can get the communication results that you want.