Alcoholics struggling in lockdown

Photo credit: Step By Step Recovery

It was so brave of recovering alcoholic Jane, now a project worker at client Step By Step Recovery, to share how bad things were, in a bid to encourage others struggling with addiction to reach out for help.

Lockdown and the last eight months, have been tougher than ever for people with addiction problems and those in recovery.

And there’s never been a more important time to highlight the role that specialist addiction support plays.

I was delighted to see that Jane,  Step By Step Recovery and it’s outstanding service and team had been featured in iNews, after we shared Jane’s story.

Read it in full here

If you are struggling to reach the media with your news:

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* Make sure you have a ‘real’ story backed up with facts, some great quotes and images.

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* Don’t treat all media the same. National reporters will want a really strong story and you’ll need to drop everything else and quickly supply any extra information and images they request and set up any interviews before the opportunity passes and to meet deadlines.

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