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Plato was right: necessity is indeed the mother of invention – healthcare public relations for disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs is reflecting their current incredible growth with AI and digitilisation – starting 2021 on a buoyant high.

Necessity and urgency accelerated change, but the bigger picture is how bioengineering, bioelectronics, genetic sequencing, machine learning, and AI have seamlessly come together.

The pandemic has made it clear which brands, healthcare and otherwise, understand their consumers and are surging ahead as we enter 2021.

In 2020, agile organisations truly came into their own, quickly adapting to a vastly difference landscape, understanding what was needed by consumers and pivoting to meet that need.

Those organisations that truly understand their customers and how we all now live – are unsurprisingly thriving as we enter 2021.

Pharmacist using device with patient healthcare public relations
NuroKor’s mitouch is being used at some of the UK’s most innovative pharmacies

And if we weren’t digital natives prior to the pandemic, we are someway closer to adopting an ease with technology.

Post COVID, life will be different, because we have all changed.

Many now favour apps, wearables, devices and technology – even the previously phobic. Zoom exercise, medical consultations, online shopping and working virtually have become the norm.

As we continue to miss human contact, communicators are creating experiences where we authentically connect – virtual events, compelling human interest stories and video content.

Although the past year has been difficult, it’s inspiring seeing how innovators are pivoting, changing focus and ploughing ahead, to bring us life-changing advances in health-tech.

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How do you measure Public Relations & Media Coverage?

Public Relations used to be notoriously hard to measure. It was a crude tally of circulation x column inches and wasn’t a comprehensive reflection of the true value of PR.


Fortunately technology has changed all that!


When I’m running a campaign or providing ongoing PR and sending out Press Releases, I use software which displays coverage in an electronic portfolio. It provides both me and my clients with solid data and third party metrics. It shows the number of times the article is likely to be viewed in its lifetime, what influence the websites have on search engines, how many times the article has been shared on social media, how many backlinks have been created from articles to the client’s website and how many visitors the sites have each month.


By linking the PR to social media activity and Google Analytics you can also see what affect the coverage has on website visitors and when you share the article across your social media channels, you get even more value out of your PR efforts. 


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Public Relations is as relevant today in the age of social media as ever. The good news is that editorial coverage is estimated to be worth 2.5X the value of advertising and it’s free. So get writing!

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