Fall in love with communicating…

As it’s the second month of the year (and we all know what happens on February 14!),  let’s focus on how you can fall in love with communicating and, more importantly, enjoy the benefits that consistent, good communication brings.

Instead of viewing it as just another must-do, I want you to think about embracing communication and  learning to love what it can do for you, your team, your organisation and business. Make it part of the way you work and operate.

Why? Because if you can crack the communications conundrum – you’re onto a winner and everything will work better within your business or organisation.

Staff advocates

Your staff will become some of your best advocates if you communicate well with them. Instead of them hearing about a major piece of company news from the media or on social media, make sure they always hear it from you first. This relates to sharing both positive and negative news and stories.

And it’s not just media stories you share with them, you ensure that your channels for staff communications are two-way, that they can access updates in a way that suits them and they can feedback too.

Getting them onside is crucial for lots of reasons, not least, for making it a happy, productive place to work, enabling you to be the best at what you do (benefiting the customer or end user) and for attracting fresh new talent.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Being prepared with good communication takes the heat out of a crisis, because you’re ready with your statement. And a major announcement doesn’t send you into a flat spin – you’ve chosen when to make the announcement to your target audience.

You’re ready to deal with the resulting enquiries and possible media attention as you have statements prepared and you’re primed to do interviews.

And if there’s a major Government announcement that has repercussions on your industry – stay one step ahead by getting a press release or statement ready to issue. Maximise every opportunity.

Be proactive

Being proactive and taking control not only feels better – it is better.

For example, one of our clients has developed a prototype hydrogen car and because we were monitoring the likely contents of the Budget, we were able to write a media statement commenting on the investment of greener mobility. We made it a) relevant and b) interesting because hydrogen didn’t attract the same interest (and planned investment in infrastructure) as electric transport. The media like someone who isn’t afraid to stick their neck out as long as it’s relevant.

We prepared and issued a statement – tweaked it at the last minute to ensure it was 100 per cent in line with the Budget contents and it was featured in the Sunday Times and a top trade publication among others, resulting in thousands of views.

It’s another way of reaching your audience, building credibility in your industry and making your voice heard. The more you do, the more trust you build, the easier it is.

Seeing the value of good communications, whether it is sharing news with your team, your customers, potential customers or the industry you operate in needs to become your focus in 2020.

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