How do you pitch your story to a journalist?

I don’t claim to have all the answers (by any stretch), but I do regularly deal with journalists, get national and regional media coverage for clients and I did used to be a reporter, so I do have a good idea!

And I’ve made a short video covering some of the basics.

Here are a few tips that can work:

* Make each approach personal and only send your news to journalists who write about those sorts of topics.

* Make sure you have a ‘real’ story backed up with facts, some great quotes and images.

* Follow-up with a call a couple of days after sending your Press Release – you’d be amazed how many get ‘lost’ in Inboxes, get passed to a colleague or go on a ‘To Do’ list – never to see the light of day.

* Don’t treat all media the same. National reporters will want a really strong story and you’ll need to drop everything else and quickly supply any extra information and images they request and set up any interviews before the opportunity passes and to meet deadlines.

* Regional media need lots of information making their story a strong local one, 1-2 people quoted in their area, backed up with facts and hopefully events. And of course quality photos.

Try it – you might just make a ‘splash’…